Butter Chillies 50g

2.45 CHF

Chilli Bean Sauce (Toban Djan) 368g

5.90 CHF

Chilli Chicken Masala 200g

3.95 CHF

Chilli Garlic Sauce 368g

5.90 CHF

Chilli Oil 207ml

5.90 CHF

Chilli paste with shrimp 288g

3.90 CHF

Chilli Powder 100g

2.55 CHF

Chilli Powder Etra Hot 100g

2.55 CHF

Chilli Powder Extra hot 400g

5.90 CHF

Chilli Whole 100g

2.90 CHF

Chilli Whole Round 25g

1.95 CHF

Crushed Chillies Extra hot 100g

2.55 CHF

Crushed Chillies Extra hot 400g

5.75 CHF

Green Chilli Paste 300g

3.75 CHF

Green Chilli Pickle 300g

3.95 CHF

Hot Chilli Sauce 680g

7.90 CHF

Idly Chilli Powder 200g

3.95 CHF

Kulambu Chilli Masala 200g

3.50 CHF

Sweet Chilli Sauce 350g

3.95 CHF

Sweet Chilli Sauce 435ml

4.90 CHF

Sweet Chilli Sauce 730ml

8.50 CHF

Thai Chilli Paste 288g

3.90 CHF

Tops Red Chilli Sauce 200g

3.90 CHF

Whole Chillies Extra hot 100g

2.50 CHF
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