Alubia Beans 2kg

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Alubia Beans 2kg

About Alubia Beans

Alubia beans are a kind of dried beans seed and because of their similar shape as red kidney beans or Rajma commonly known as "White Rajma". This Indian specialty is white and represents an excellent source of protein for vegetarians in Indian cuisine. Alubia beans are particularly popular in North India's cuisine and are used for the variety of Indian dishes due to their versatility. Indian recipes with Alubia beans are particularly popular with vegetarians.

This Indian specialty in Punjab is an important part of a special menu on certain occasions. Moreover, the Alubia bean in the traditional Indian cuisine is the bean that is most consumed.

Typical Indian dishes with Alubia beans are very easy to prepare and extremely tasty. They supply a lot of protein in the Indian kitchen and, combined with rice, are low-calorie meats and other foods.

With this Indian specialty, many different Indian dishes are prepared and served as a side dish, appetizer, main dish or dessert. Alubia beans are also used as an ingredient in soups or salads.


Alubia beans are very hard by nature. Therefore they have to be cooked before Indian dishes can be prepared with it.

Wash the beans and soak them in sufficient water overnight or for at least 5 hours. Then place the beans in a quick cooker or in a closed pot. Add some water and salt and boil the beans at a high level for 10-15 minutes until the beans are soft. Now the beans are ready to prepare various delicious Indian dishes.

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