Black Eye Beans 500g

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Black Eye Beans 500g

About black-eye beans

Black Eye Beans, the "black-eye beans" (also known as eye beans, cow beans, snake beans) are the dry, cream-colored to white seeds with the characteristic black point in the inner vault.

The Indian Black Eye Beans by Heera are soft, taste similar to peas and are suitable for the preparation of delicious, nutritious dishes and soups. They are world famous and popular, and in India and Pakistan, this Indian specialty is one of the most popular bean - the consumption of Black Eye Beans on New Year's Day will bring prosperity.

This ballast-rich Indian bean is also an excellent choice for salads. Traditionally, the black-eye beans are used in various Indian dishes such as dals, soups, vegetable mixtures and curries, of course, well-flavored with the classic masala and spice mixes of Indian cuisine.

In combination with rice and Indian bread varieties like Roti, the Dal from Black Eye Beans is a supplier of high quality protein, which is especially interesting for vegetarians and is a healthy alternative to meat or other animal protein. The Heera Black Eye Beans taste great without any spice!


Add a cup of Black Eye Beans and 4 cups of water to a bowl and soak for 2 hours. This results in 3 cups of beans. The soaked Black Eye Beans can be used directly in lettuce or also for pan-fried Indian dishes. To make traditional Indian food with Black Eye Beans, place the soaked beans along with water in a pan and cook them for 10 minutes on high level until they are almost through. The so-cooked Indian specialty Black Eye Beans is now ready to make a variety of delicious Indian recipes.

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